Mixed Methods Research Proposal (DOCX)
By R. Lueck

The Voices of Youth: How Indigenous Young People Experience Plans of Care (PDF)
By B. Madigan

Diagnosing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children involved with child protection services: are current diagnostic guidelines acceptable for vulnerable populations? (DOCX)
By B. Klein, G. Damiani-Taraba, A. Koster, J. Cambpell and C. Scholz

Warden or Neighbour Can Power Be Shared In Child Welfare (PDF)
By Sarah Robertson

Kinship Care Policy Exacerbating Women’s Oppression through Neoliberal Familiarization (PDF)
By Martha Susana Lara

Final Integration Paper on Anti-Oppressive Practice (DOC)
By Carolyn Konjek (Placement Student)

Child Protection Back to the Future (DOC)
By April Taylor

Our Way
The Children’s Aid Society of Brant’s AOP Journey (DOC)
By Iona Sky

A Kingdom in Trouble (thesis) (DOC)
By Jill Esposto

How Much: The Cost of Heterosexism in Child Welfare (PDF)
By Iona Sky

Why You Can’t Say You Work at a CAS at a Party (PDF)
By Catherine Gabel & Andrew Koster

What Have We Learned About Family Group Conferencing and Case Management Practices? (PDF)
By Marilee Sherry
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Superintendent’s Report – 1953 (PDF)
59th Annual Meeting
The Children’s Aid Society of Brant

Have We Really Come That Far? (PDF)
Child Welfare Legislation in Ontario
By Cassandra Brade

Mediation in Child Welfare Complaints Process (PDF)
By Paula Loube

Child Welfare Discussion Paper (PDF)
By Roy Walsh

Child Welfare Philosophy Discussion Paper (DOC)
By Andrew Koster

Child Welfare Worker Workshop (DOC)
By Andrew Koster

Managerial and Leadership Development for Supervisors/Managers
In Child Welfare – A Search for Smart Practice (DOC)
By Jennifer Penton