Board of Directors

Board of Directors 2018-2019 Term

Paul is employed with the Brantford Police Services. His approach comes from that of an adopted child himself as well as being a proud and loving single father of two adopted children. It is his respect and gratitude towards the Agency that drives him.

Paul first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2009 and is currently serving his second year as President.

Kevin is a fourth-generation cash crop farmer in Burford. He served one term on Brant County Council and has been a volunteer firefighter in the Burford area for 22 years. In 2014, Kevin and his wife Deb became the proud and loving adoptive parents of a sibling group of four children.

Kevin Hodge first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2006.

Jeff and his family have lived in Brantford for 20 years and have always been active in the community. His family being an active member of Children’s Aid Societies as he was growing up, Jeff wanted to continue the important work of supporting his local agency.

Jeff has 31 years’ experience in for profit business and currently works for a private European company that specializes in factory automation in the manufacturing sector.

Jeff first joined the Board in 2014.

Dr. Anne Marie Connelly has been a family doctor since 1998, caring for families and children in crisis as part of her practice. She was involved in the development of residency programs in Brantford. Previously, she worked as an RN on a remote native reserve in Northern Manitoba.

Dr. Connelly first joined the Brant FACS Board in the spring of 2017.

Harry is a life-long resident of Brant County. A graduate of the University of Guelph, he is a former General-Manager of the Paris Agricultural Society (Paris Fair), and Partner in a family century dairy farm. Over the years, Harry has taken an active interest in community, provincial and national organizations, serving on Boards and in the capacity of President for many organizations including: the Ontario Guernsey Association, the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies, the Canadian Guernsey Association. He has served on the Brant County Council, the Brant County Health Unit Board, and held various committee positions within his church. He was a Brant County 4-H Leader for 20 years and continues to be an active member of the Paris Curling Club. A Past President of Brant FACS, Harry also served as a Board member of the OACAS for three years.

Harry first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2004.

Dave has a M.A. from Wilfrid Laurier and certificates in Non-profit Governance and Non-profit Management, along with 25 years’ experience working in the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and as a private consultant providing program planning support to health and social service agencies. He was a Program Supervisor with the Ministry of Children and Youth Services with responsibility for child welfare agencies and mental health agencies. Dave’s knowledge base includes non-profit organization management, board governance, finance, compliance with legislation and policies and human resources. He is also an active volunteer in the community, serving as Vice-Chair of the Grand River Community Health Centre, and previously as Chair of the BCI Parent Council, Chair of the Board of Braemar House School and Chair of the Brantford Christmas Baskets Program.

Dave first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2015.

Ruth Ann was a social worker with Brant FACS (known then as Children’s Aid Society of Brant) from 1972 to 2003, with responsibilities in Foster Care and Adoption. She, along with her husband, also ran one of the Agency’s Group homes for children.

Ruth Ann first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2013.

Susan is a very active Board Member and a longstanding foster parent of 36 years. She has raised a number of the children from toddlerhood to adulthood as well as helping others move on to adoption. She is extremely committed to the children and a strong advocate for them. For this reason alone, she makes an excellent Board member since she always brings discussions back to the needs of the children themselves. Recently one of the young people in her care was honoured with an award for dedication and commitment to his church. He recently graduated grade 12 as an honour student who also won an athletic award. Susan is a past treasurer of the Foster Parents Association of Brant. Her work is not limited to this important area of her life. In the community, she has also volunteered for the Heart and Stroke Association, the Cancer Society, and the Red Cross over the years.

Susan has served a number of terms since she first joined the Brant FACS Board in 1989.

Kim Ann Laush is the Associate Dean, Community Studies at Mohawk College and has also been the Interim Associate Dean in Social Services/Justice Studies and Health studies. Prior to these roles, she was a Coordinator/Professor in the Child and Youth Care program, Educational Support Program and Child and Youth Worker Apprenticeship Program. Kim Ann is a life-long learner who achieved degrees from Nipissing (MEd), York (BEd) and Waterloo (BA, Social Development Studies) Universities and is currently a student at Western in the Doctorate of Education in Leadership and Higher Education Program. Kim Ann is also a graduate of Mohawk College from the Child and Youth Worker program who has several years’ experience working with children, youth and families in a children’s mental health centre and in closed custody with youth. Kim Ann has worked as a supply teacher with school boards in the Grand Erie District School Board and Waterloo Region District School Board.

Kim Ann first joined the Brant FACS Board in November 2018.

Vernon has been a Brantford resident for 40 years and completed his secondary school education at Brantford Collegiate Institute. He then continued his studies at McMaster University and Ontario Teacher’s College. Following his university and college graduation, he worked with the Grand Erie District School Board as a classroom teacher and a school principal before his retirement.

Married with two adult children, Vernon has close connections to the local Caribbean community and enjoys music and sports.

Vernon first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2018.

Evan Sault became a Councillor for the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation (MNCFN) in December 2005. He is currently Chair of the MNCFN Education and Social Services Committee.

Evan first joined the Brant FACS Board as the appointed member of the Mississaugas of New Credit First Nation in November 2018.

Leslie Telfer is a Superintendent with the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board where she has worked for 30+ years. She has experience handling the indigenous portfolio and has completed many learning sessions with First Nations people. She is a supporter of the LGBT and the GSA in her schools and has AOP training. Her previous Board experience includes Brant United Way and St. Joseph’s Hospice Board.

Leslie first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2017.

Scott Williams has been a member of Brantford Police Service for 25 years. He is currently the Inspector for Investigative Support, where members of the investigative team often work with Brant FACS staff to ensure child safety. Scott himself has worked with all levels of Brant FACS including our dedicated front-line staff, management, Executive Director and Board.

Scott first joined the Brant FACS Board in 2011 as an elected member. He was subsequently appointed as the Brantford Police Services Board Representative in January 2017.

This position is vacant.

Vacant Board of Directors position

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact our Board President or Executive Director to discuss this opportunity further. Membership with Brant FACS is a requirement.

If you are not already a member of the Agency, please submit your application for membership by clicking here. (PDF)

Quote from a 1970 OACAS Board Member Handbook – which we believe is still relevant today.

“Why Have a Board of Directors:

Social service in Ontario began with private organizations, such as churches and neighborhood agencies, the latter with their own board of directors.  The protection of children was one of the first social services offered by a private agency – in 1891 by the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.  Now that this work is mandated under law and almost totally funded by governments, what is the rationale for continuing the tradition of the private board?

 Dr. Raymond Price, a Canadian research psychiatrist, recently gave this answer:

“If social work is to recapture its historical role as the conscience of the community, it must maintain an independent perspective and unrestrained voice.  Civil servants are traditionally and perhaps understandably enjoined to keep public silence about issues relevant to government, while government agencies tend to suffer a kind of selective inattention with regard to facts and situations unpopular to the Establishment. Social workers who operate independently of government…can help to ensure that such selective inattention does not prevail. In my view, the concerned and active local agency can and should force confrontations with such government inattention.”

 The freedom to press governments for needed social remedies is safeguarded by the privately incorporated Society with its own Board of Directors.”