Six Nations of the Grand River

Six Nations of the Grand River Historical

1956 Federal Agreement to Brant CAS and Six Nations (PDF)

1957 Board Minutes (PDF)

1957 to 1977 Six Nations Band Council Resolutions (PDF)

1959 Consultant Study on the Brant CAS section SN (PDF)

1959 Excerpts from Study re Six Nations (PDF)

1960 Job Posting Six Nations (PDF)

1977 History of the Ohsweken Office (PDF)

1978 Dec-Synopsis of the Ohsweken Office (PDF)

1978 Feb-Specialized FH – Six Nations & New Credit (PDF)

1979 Meeting at Ohsweken Office with Council (PDF)

1979 Tribute to Vera Styres (PDF)

1980 Circa Letterhead Stationery Ohsweken (PDF)

1980 Ministry Document on Evaluation of the Native CW Program (PDF)

1981 Letter to Teka Editor Shows Number of Children in Care (PDF)

1982 Canada and Manitoba Agreement on Indian Child Welfare (PDF)

1982 Expositor on SN Agency (PDF)

1983 Articles on SN Prevention Program (PDF)

1983 Board Controversy (PDF)

1983 1984 1986 Letters Approving and Changing Prevention Workers at Ohsweken (PDF)

1983 1984 Letters Approving New Programs (PDF)

1983 Progress Report on Needs of Native CCW – L Hill (PDF)

1984 Teacher-Homemaker Evaluation – Melba Thomas (PDF)

1985 Brant Responses to Provisions in CFSA re Native Services (PDF)

1985 May – Six Nations Community Profile (PDF)

1985 Proposal for the Development of Services for Six Nations (PDF)

1986 Discussion of Native Provisions of the CFSA (PDF)

1986 Proposal for Staffing Increase at Ohsweken with Statistics (PDF)

1986 Proposal for Staffing Increase at Ohsweken (PDF)

1986 to 1989 Band Appointments, Letters, and Requests of Note (PDF)

1987 July Letter Responding to Letter from Lewis Staats and a BCR on Staffing Levels (PDF)

1987 May – Discussion of Funding under CFSA to Six Nations Council and SSC (PDF)

1987 October – Official Opening of Ohsweken Branch Office (PDF)

1987 October – Planning Committee of Opening of Ohsweken Branch Office (PDF)

1988 January Proposal for Off-Reserve Native Child Welfare Services (PDF)

1988 Federal Indian Social Service Development (PDF)

1988 Letters (PDF)

1991 Initial Proposal by Lisa Farmer NSB Resources for Youth Lodge (PDF)

1992 Six Nations Review of CAS Brant Services (PDF)

1993 SN Report for Pending Devolution (PDF)

1995 Agency Transition Planning Report (PDF)

1995 Brant CAS response to no devolution (PDF)

1995 Six Nations response to Options re no devolution (PDF)

1998 Efforts to Repatriate Six Nations Children from New York (PDF)

2002 Band Resolution on Customary Care (PDF)

2002 Customary Care Agreement Presentation (PDF)

2003 OCCAS Conference on Customary Care (PPT)

2003 SNCAS Custom Care Procedures (DOC)

2005 Brant CAS Board Re Reconciliation with Six Nations (PDF)

2018 MCYS Notification re Official Designation of Ogwadenideo (PDF)

2018 Brant FACS Letter of Congratulations re Official Designation of Ogwadenideo (PDF)