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Adoptive FamilyAdoption is a legal and social process which establishes a parent-child relationship, providing permanence and security for the child.

Adoption has changed over the years to reflect changing patterns in our society. Not long ago, adoption was considered appropriate only for babies. Currently, children of all age groups, some of them with special needs, are in need of a permanent home.

Ontario’s adoption rate has declined over the past years for a number of reasons. It is now socially acceptable for a young single mother to keep her baby and more single parents are raising their own children. Also, the birth rate is lower due to birth control measures. Moreover, the services that help keep families together have improved.

Years ago, children could be adopted with few formalities. Frequently, a child simply took the adoptive family’s name and lived as “one of the family”. In many ways, this was unsatisfactory for both child and parent. It provided little security for the child, whose legal rights and past identity could easily become lost. As well, the adopting parents’ relationship with the child remained unprotected and could be disrupted.

Adoption today is a well structured, legally binding procedure. The Child and Family Services Act (CFSA) details the legal process of adoption in the province. The intent of this legislation is to protect the rights of every party involved in an adoption.

Adoption FAQ (PDF)


How to Help

There are many ways that you can help the children and families in the Brant-Brantford community. A few of these include:


Help transport children in care to and/or from appointments and supervised family visits, which are vital to their development and growth.


Make a difference in the life of a child. There are children and teens in our community who need you.

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Contact us to learn more about fostering:

Main office: 1-888-753-8681
Native Services Branch: 519-445-2247


Consider providing a child with safety, stability, permanency, and security which, in turn, will expand the circles of love in your own life. Each child is unique. Adoption is based on the children’s needs. All potential Adoptive Parents must participate in an education group, a home study process, and approval process before an appropriate match is made. This can take some time and may involve degrees of ‘openness’ where information about, input from, and contact with birth parents are possible depending on several factors, including the child’s needs, the birth family’s wishes, and the adopting family’s level of acceptance.