Client Rights & Services


Know your legal rights

Click here to view/download the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services – “Know Your Legal Rights” PDF brochure.

Click here to view/download a UNICEF poster on the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child in child friendly language.

Click here to view/download United Nations Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children 2010. (PDF)

Legal Support for Non-English Speaking Families

As our community becomes more and more diverse, the need for service in a different language increases.  Non-English speaking families can seek legal counsel who offer services in the language they speak and understand as follows:

  1. Go to this website: https://lso.ca/public-resources/finding-a-lawyer-or-paralegal/lawyer-and-paralegal-directory
  2. Go to “Advanced Search”
  3. Type in the postal code/city of your choosing under “Location”
  4. Click the language of your choosing under “Languages”
  5. Press “Find”

The following PDFs compiled by AXIS mediation centre also show lists of family law lawyers in the nearby cities who can offer services in different languages.