Feedback and Complaints Process

Key Principles

Brant Family and Children’s Services (Brant FACS) staff are committed to offering optimal service to children and families.

People receiving service from Brant FACS have a right to have their voice heard.

A clear transparent process of how to make a complaint should be available to people when they feel they have not been heard through those directly providing service to them.

Most concerns/complaints from people receiving service are dealt with by the social worker and/or their manager. Optimal outcomes can be achieved at this level and are necessary, as in most instances even after a complaint, the social worker and client must continue to have a working relationship.

The power associated with the mandate of child protection creates tensions. It should not be surprising that sometimes people are upset about decisions.

Although the complaint procedure should be clear and simple to access, it should be noted that most concerns expressed are complex and developed over time. Our response needs to address the imminent concerns while keeping in mind the complexity and uniqueness of each complaint.

As an agency, we collectively share the responsibility to serve families. A response to an individual complaint that is developed collectively not only promotes a shared responsibility but also allows for a response that is thorough, comprehensive and creative.

As an agency, we seek to learn from each situation so that we can continually strive to achieve and reflect best practice.

Alternate formats of the feedback process will be provided upon request.

If you have any feedback or complaints about our service, we encourage you to bring them forward through our internal process outlined here. (PDF)