Mandate & Legislation

Brant Family and Children’s Services (Brant FACS) Mission Statement:

The well-being and safety of children and youth are our primary focus.

Brant FACS Vision Statement:

All children, youth and families are valued.

Together, with our entire community, we share the responsibility of nurturing, protecting, educating and guiding all children, youth and their families.

Families possess the wisdom, abilities and resources to build a successful family plan. We support their journey toward self-determination, safety and care.

Children and youth have a voice and are involved in decision-making; we ensure they have the necessary resources to be well supported for success.

Mutual trust and understanding is built through listening and communicating with respect and compassion.

Hope replaces fear and families are open to receive help early.

Legislation that governs our work.


Our legislative authority and mandate derive from the province’s jurisdiction in social services. The legislation that articulates this jurisdiction for children is called The Child, Youth and Family Services Act, 2017 (CYFSA). This Act integrates a number of pieces of legislation and specific parts of it define and describe the mandate, function, and responsibilities of a Children’s Aid Society. Brant FACS carries out ongoing reviews of its protocols, and most vigorously whenever changes are made to the CYFSA, as a result of mandated legislative reviews every five years. Click here to access the CYFSA on the Ontario Government website.

The functions of a Children’s Aid Society are to:

  • investigate allegations or evidence that children  may be in need of protection;
  • protect children where necessary;
  • provide guidance, counselling and other services to families for protecting children or for the prevention of circumstances requiring the protection of children;
  • provide care for children assigned or committed to its care under this Act;
  • supervise children assigned to its supervision under this Act;
  • place children for adoption under Part VIII (Adoption and Adoption Licensing); and
  • perform any other duties given to it by this Act or the regulations or any other Act.

A Society shall:

  • provide the prescribed standard of services in its performance of its functions; and
  • follow the prescribed procedures and practices.

The authority to carry out these functions is described in this legislation under Section 40-55.

This legislative mandate is further defined through the Service Plan. This is an annual plan which outlines in great detail how our Society will, in our specified jurisdiction, provide programs and services to meet the particular needs of children and families in order to carry out the functions outlined above.

While the legislation broadly defines the mandate, functions and responsibilities, it is the Service Plan that articulates just what and how this mandate will be met in specific communities in any specific year.

In summary, we derive our legislative mandate from the Child Youth and Family Service Act. Section 35 describes the functions and responsibilities of a Children’s Aid Society and our annual Service Plan explains how we will carry out those functions with the financial and physical human resources available to us.

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