Equity, Anti-Oppressive Practice, and Social Justice at Brant FACS

Mother with childEquity, Anti-Oppressive Practice, and Social Justice at Brant FACS

Brant Family and Children’s Services is committed to working with families in respectful ways that embrace and celebrate the diversity of families, children and youth. Our Agency embraces the principles of anti-oppressive practice and values working from a strength-based perspective, where every family receiving service is treated with dignity, compassion and respect.

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Diversity and Anti-racism

Children can internalize racial bias between the ages of 2 and 4, and there is evidence that this can begin even earlier than this.  It is important, if not essential, to have conversations about acceptance, being kind to others, and inclusion with your child as early as preschool.  When we talk about equity, a sense of humanity, anti-racism, social justice with others, we are able to break down dominant belief systems and learn about a wide range of stories and experiences.  In the long run, especially for white parents, it is important to continue to have conversations about inequities and anti-racism when global outrage over recent events and systemic racism are no longer front and centre.  It is critical for us to find spaces and ways to take action and make positive changes.

In addition to keeping an open dialogue about equity and anti-racism, one easy way to take action and make change is to make sure your home library has books that include a broad representation of stories.  There are a number of  resources available to parents and caregivers who are wondering how to start a conversation with your kids about kindness, humanity, anti-racism and inclusion.

To get you started, a list of suggested children’s books for certain age groups, along with links to story line details, is provided below.  Happy Reading!

All Ages

Ages 0-3

Ages 3-5

Ages 4/5-8

Ages 7-10

Ages 8/9-12