Youth and Youth Leaders

Know Your Rights

Children and Youth:

Brant FACS believes that you are experts in your own lives.  As such, your voice should always be heard.  Our Agency offers a number of ways for you to have meaningful input into how you are served by the Agency.

Youth Advisory Committee

This committee consists of youth aged 14-27, in Extended Society Care or Interim Society Care, and former Crown Wards or youth who have accessed programs and/or services by Brant FACS.   They report directly to the Board of Directors and are responsible for the following tasks and recommendations:

  • Advocacy / Youth Voice on current services (relevance, quality improvement, program effectiveness)
  • Liaison between the Board of Directors and children in Extended Society Care, children in Interim Society Care, and former Crown Wards and youth who have received Agency services  (e.g. via YouthLEAD)
  • Recommendations for possible new programs and supports
  • Development of Youth Mentorship34
  • Representation of Brant FACS at Youth events as approved by the Board of Directors / Executive Director

If you are interested in serving on the Youth Advisory Committee to the Board, please contact the Brant FACS Executive Assistant at ext. 210.

Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference 2018-19 Draft  (PDF)


LEAD stands for Learning, Experiencing, Advocating, Doing.

YouthLEAD is a peer mentoring group is specifically designed and run by youth for youth who are in care or who have recently left care.

The YouthLEAD group is also a means of connecting with the Youth Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors which has the mandate of representing and advocating for the voice of youth at the governance level of the Agency.

This group is responsible for organizing special youth events, serving as mentors to youth-in-care and a forum for youth to voice their opinions to their representatives on the Youth Advisory Committee.   The goal is to provide support to one another, learn how to plan and run events, learn to how to advocate and have fun.  It is all about youth connecting to youth.

Brant FACS encourages all of the youth we serve to participate in YouthLEAD events so you can learn from each other, build supports and add your voice/input to programming and services.